Dental surgery corporate video

The idea with this video was to allow all practice staff to contribute, and customers to provide social proof through testimonials. Thus it was a logistical exercise to have a number of parties all available to film on the same day, so we filmed at a weekend so that the full surgery was available and there was no interruption to patients or revenue earning appointments.
It took just a few hours to get the variety of talking heads in different rooms. To subdue the medical backgrounds we used a DSLR to shoot, also knowing that this was going to be the camera of choice for the later content marketing project, so that the business had a similar feel to its videos.
We also took the decision to have the staff talk to the camera, but the patients talk off-camera, to visually differentiate the types of contributors but also to make the patients feel more at ease by not having to do the more unfamiliar and potentially nerve-inducing talking to an inanimate camera. Giving contributions to a friendly face is easier for most people and also has a more vox pop feel.
As well as using snippets of the testimonials in the main video, self-contained longer testimonial videos were created for embedding elsewhere on the website. This is a good example of multiple uses of the same footage, and not throwing away great content that couldn’t be squeezed into a 3 minute video.

“Wow. Just perfect. Excellent result. Well done to you.”


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