Here is our Corporate Video Production Portfolio of corporate video projects, case study videos & promotional videos. We also specialise in coverage of corporate events and helping clients get real traction from their YouTube content.

Are we what you are looking for? We describe our work as “honest”. Professional, collaborative and affordable. Not “flash over substance”, not “painting by numbers”, and avoiding “lowest common denominator” where at all possible.
We get excited about possibilities, creative ideas, and of course results for your business.

Our customers number almost 200, and our total output of videos over 1200. These range from 1-minute “talking heads” to 1-hour presentation recordings.
Content marketing has grown in popularity and many of our clients are creating more than 1 video with us – sometimes up to 20 in a single day. That’s a great cost-effective way to get on the video ladder – videos for under £50 a piece, including a vital helping hand on YouTube SEO. What’s not to like?

Below is a selection of our key projects, which you can choose by project type. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch – just because it isn’t here, doesn’t mean we can’t create it. Every project, like every client, is different.

On-location video editing

We sat with a brewing industry client to work through an edit of a process explainer video that had been shot in Japan. The rushes had been provided to the client and we compressed some 70 minutes of footage into a 20 minute edit.

Financial services promo video

We took a brief from this investment services provider to produce an explainer video for one of their offerings. It combines company information with graphics and library footage to educate potential clients.

Explainer video

A graphics-based video was the best solution to explain the benefits of a new financial initiative. The whole project was turned around within 10 days of the request.

Financial Services interview edits

We have started working with mtn-i on their video content marketing initiative, providing a video editing service for their industry stakeholder interviews. We also created a bespoke brand ident to introduce all future content.

Conference event video

The challenge of an onsite same-day edit was part of the brief for this international conference shoot at the Emirates Stadium. The client was delighted with the finished video.

Kickstarter video

Recommended to the client by a mutual PR contact, we worked with Julie to bring her Kickstarter video project to life.

Archery promo

At 2 days notice we attended the 2017 Bear Grylls Survival Race event to shoot a promotional video for event partners Discover Archery

Automotive case study video

Combining 4K interview footage, B-roll and GoPro, we put together a case study featuring an iconic brand. It was a very special day filming at the amazing McLaren HQ…and getting a ride in a genuine supercar.

Property tour videos

We’re working through a PR agency to produce a series of new build showhome promotional videos – property tours. These simple videos can often be put together at short notice and with only a day’s manpower.

Testimonial video

We shot a pre-taped testimonial video interview with British Lions star Joe Marler for showing at an evening industry event.

UK Rail project films

Every step of the way, we advised on storyboard, which bid elements needed to be further drawn out in the narrative, potential logistical filming issues, how to integrate graphics to help tell the story – a very value-added engagement.

Marquee build insights

By selecting key projects which illustrate the breadth of the offering, whilst working around logistical, environmental and customer constraints, we are putting together a library of material which can serve multiple purposes.

Lighting company promo

A lighting company promo video, tightly scripted for a 1-minute award entry. Comments were very favourable, not only about the video itself but about the value we added to the process.

Healthcare video content

The programme involves creating videos around various subjects and harnessing the power of niche keywords to generate excellent SEO – 30k views to date on YouTube.
We are liaising with both graphic designer and web designer to ensure harmony. We have created bespoke animated idents, and a new playlist-rich YouTube channel.

Accountancy video content

We have started working with this established accountancy firm. The video portfolio will include presentations, topic-specific talking heads, a corporate video, client testimonials and the creation of an optimised YouTube channel.

Logistics company video content

We worked for 4 years on a regular basis for the rapidly expanding Diamond Logistics brand. This included coverage of company events, production of vidcasts, filming internal training and comms pieces, and corporate web videos.

Healthcare services corporate video

One of our favourite ever projects, despite needing something like 30 setups in 8 locations in the course of a day. This was an early use of the Canon 5D and it proved its worth in focussing attention onto subject matter and away from sometimes stark backgrounds.

Dairy industry video content

This project was to cut together stock footage with a flowing arc and incorporating business stats. The video was shown internally at first, then later at the UN.

Commercial laundry promo

The brief from this client was not only to produce a corporate laundry business video that highlighted a specific part of their operation, but which was then well optimised on YouTube so as to deliver maximum SEO benefit – 9000 views to date in fact.

Security systems corporate

We produced this new client security systems corporate video, visiting a number of locations on the shoot day. As part of the project we also undertook script revisions and graphics work.

Skincare range launch

The shoot was a 2 location affair, completed in a morning, with script and outline storyboard provided. To achieve a nice look the DSLR camera was the ideal choice.

Solicitors web videos

We put together a series of short departmental intros as the first stage of our work with Surrey solicitors RHW. Great traffic for the videos on Facebook led to new business very quickly – 2 clients in 2 weeks.

Software video demos

We are working with this client on a series of sales-focussed demos of separate modules of their data visualisation and mapping software tools.

Video edit for trade show

The job was to created a loopable video consisting of a slideshow approach to an existing brochure, paired with an existing explainer video shot elsewhere. The snag was we only had 24 hours to do it!

Book launch promo video

Having worked with Nicky to produce a short crowdfunder video, we produced a more promotional version, with the book having been successfully published. A quirky piece!

Conference organiser corporate

Lots of creative freedom in this promo, using a combination of DSLR, time-lapse, motion time-lapse and interview. The hardest part was cutting out so much usable material to keep the video under 2 minutes!

Football fan app promo

Otherwise known as the shoot that happened before we all went for lunch with Gary Lineker. I mentioned in passing that I’d filmed him 10 years earlier. His passing comment was that he’d see me in another ten. Top man, and proof that its OK to meet your heroes.

Product promotional films

This project was 4 short videos for usage on a trade fair stand. These were to promote a new energy monitor for a leading supplier. The catch was that the videos were going to be played on TVs hung vertically, so they needed to be shot in portrait mode.

Charity event content

We covered this evening event, producing different videos for some of the suppliers. We also took photographs for use by 3 of the parties. It was therefore quite an intense evening of work made worthwhile for the multiple outputs.

Personal coaching promo

This very personal corporate video helps Dene’s clients and prospects connect with him. We used a mix of direct and interview style talking heads, plus a variety of b-roll footage shot at home and on a journey to London, very “fly on the wall” style.

YouTube channel SEO

30,000 views in just 8 months for this client! YouTube viewership was designed from the outset to be a key part of the video strategy for this client, and our ability to partner throughout the entire journey from shoot to online was a pillar of the ongoing success that has been achieved.

YouTube channel management

We’ve been working on video production for this client since 2013 and have been undertaking YouTube channel management and direct uploads to their YouTube channel for much of that time.

YouTube training and consultancy

As part of the consultancy session we discussed keywords, an area where there was very little knowledge within the business. We regularly advise clients to use their website’s keywords, or those used in Adwords, as a good start point for keywording on YouTube.

YouTube client setup

YouTube client setup – helping fix YouTube channel issues caused by a less experienced digital agency. Don’t trust a generalist with tasks needing specialist knowledge!

YouTube consultancy

Playlisting of owned and external content helped to group the company’s activities, and creating above-the-fold playlists for the current event ensured viewers were directed there.

YouTube channel setup

YouTube work was just one part of our service provision for this client. The YouTube channel work centred around the basics – settings, playlists, branding, links, keywords.

YouTube channel reorganisation

We optimised keywords, rectified incorrect settings, deleted invalid keywords, and improved descriptions. Viewing figures increased as a result, and the channel was much better aligned with the brand.

Medical FAQ DVD

We worked with a pharma company to create an illustrative medical FAQ video guide to a particular medical condition, so that the client could make the content available to reps and healthcare professionals.

Construction industry promo

We worked in 2012 with Beard Construction on a video to promote their business, through the use of project customer testimonials. As their portfolio is broad the decision was taken to use case studies from opposite ends of the client spectrum to show the diversity of capability.

Re-branding edits

Company rebranding often means the need to revisit existing assets – we took existing YouTube videos and added new branding & idents.

Training course DVD

We covered a weekend training course and edited the material down to a 4-DVD set of all the key points taught. This was a 2-camera, 2-day shoot.

Legal recruitment video

With this promo for a law firm I was using a DSLR so had the opportunity to make the shots look nicer. The shallow depth of field also helps to keep potentially confidential customer information out of focus!

Weight loss clinic video

Our video production service works sympathetically with clients and their customers to make the filming as unstressful as possible. this was the reason for using an interview approach with the interviewer being a familiar face for the participants.

School dance showcase

In 2015 we continued our partnership with NVSDD by covering the Showtime 2015 and 2016 School dance showcase. We produce DVDs for the parents to order.

Graphics & print showcases

A new animated logo ident was required to harmonise all the videos, and some text graphic based on the same visual language were incorporated into the videos to make them more informative in terms of the client’s services.

Dental How-To video guides

560,000 Views for a handful of dental How-To videos is not too shabby – it’s all about using good searchable video titles and keeping the content informative.

Construction timelapses

A 6 month timelapse of a house extension build in 2015. I had to run mains power from 50 yards away and invest in a compatible intervalometer so it would take a photo every hour rather than every minute.

Product teaser video ad

This product teaser video for the launch of a new screwdriver had the brief that the product should never be clearly seen. I had the vision of a partially lit object on a plinth, with “lightning” going on around it.

E-commerce conference promo

We had a good time shooting this event, working hard but with lots of creative freedom to make a conference visually interesting. There was a pair of GoPros and a pair of DSLRs, a camera slider, timelapses and a mini-jib. It’s great having the opportunity to play around with shots.

Music industry seminars

In 2017 we are continuing to cover AIM’s industry events – a partnership which is now in its 8th year. We offer a dependable service, familiar with the format of the events and the need for prompt turnaround of the videos.

Conference venue tour

To sympathetically show off the rooms we used the DSLR in conjunction with a lot of movement in the shots, to avoid the video looking like a photo slideshow. In the edit, two versions of the film were created for different purposes.

ICT Client case study

We worked on a project case study video for NFON. These involve interviews with clients to convey the project challenges and how they were met. The first of these was at motorsport specialists Prodrive in Banbury.

Credit rating How-Tos

The video marketing project has yielded 30 talking head videos to date, each narrowly focussed on specific questions. These are filmed on clients premises using a portable studio setup including autocue.

Pet food product web video

Getting 1 dog to sit and stay? Probably easy. Getting 4 to sit and stay for 30 seconds simultaneously? While their owners walk out of shot? It took us minutes, rather than hours. Good dog!

Beauty industry show promo

Professional video production leads to happy clients, so after great success producing a promotional video in 2012 at this NEC event, we covered the show again in 2013.

Award submission video

Our ‘done in a day’ service is ideal when there’s a tight deadline, made even tighter by client postponements. In 2016 we filmed this talking head in London between 10 and 12, then edited onsite for completion and approval by 3pm.

Bespoke vehicle video tours

Shooting a promo for a horsebox manufacturer, the endless static interior and exteriors were in need of a lift. Solution: sucker a GoPro to the boot of the car and lead the van down a country lane. Results? 56,000 video views and £50k in new business very quickly.

Rental property video tour

External shots for a venue tour looked great on a cold winters day at 9am. One shot had the tripod and slider – and me – on top of a icy raised wooden platform beside the pond. Did someone say “Risk Assessment”?

Dental surgery corporate

This is a good example of multiple uses of the same footage, and not throwing away great content that couldn’t be squeezed into a 3 minute video. We filmed at a weekend so that the full surgery was available and there was no interruption to patients or revenue earning appointments.

South Pole documentary

As part of our video editing services we worked on various edits of a film documenting an amazing South Pole trek. We also set up the client’s YouTube channel and have undertaken video edits on Press/PR/Speaking engagements.

Horologist promos

We worked on event and edit-only projects to showcase the work of an inventor and horologist. This has also involved YouTube optimisation. One of these projects was the launch of one of the inventor’s products at Design Shanghai.

Insolvency services FAQs

We produced a series of financial explainer videos for an insolvency consultancy, highlighting their service offerings and benefits. Following a site recce, the videos were all shot in a 2 hour period in the client’s London office.

ICT Case Studies

More exotic motoring machinery in front of the lens again (what a lucky guy I am). This was a testimonial shoot at the prestigious HR Owen in London. I’ll have my Bugatti in something other than brownish-purple though, thanks.

Charity ball promo

We were delighted to cover the 5th annual Black & Red Ball for the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation in Glasgow, and put together a video of the event. Luckily we happened to be in the Glasgow area that very week anyway!

Recruitment software guides

At less than 24 hours notice we were asked to put together a software demo video with an urgent deadline attached. The following day we worked onsite at the client’s Canary Wharf premises, recording pieces to camera, voiceovers and screen-captured web demos.

Fitness coach corporate video

We produced this pacy promo fitness video for this fitness trainer. This was shot in one evening over 4 separate locations. I was working a lot less hard than the client, but it was still an intense shoot.

Charity beneficiary testimonials

An interview undertaken after a charity brand launch event at a prestigious London venue. We set up the shot and then joined the client and attendees for canapés with patron HRH Prince Philip.

Financial vidcasts

We worked with NCBS on an “FAQ” piece about mortgages. This was one of a set of 5 videos produced in a 2-hour shoot.

Musical theatre show DVDs

2017 is our 13th year working with Fasbat, covering their 3 or 4 annual after-school class Musical theatre shows. We also cover their annual adult class shows. In Spring 2016 this was a 2-night performance of the panto “Aladdin” written by Chris.

Stage play promo

To promote this play with the aim of garnering a more high-profile theatrical run, we filmed the show using a 3-camera setup to create a Stage play promo video and DVD.

Printing project case study

A large scale print project in 2011 where the finished work was unveiled in Brussels. The client was going anyway, so he filmed it and returned immediately to the UK. He drove straight to my house to drop off the footage and I edited it into the end of the video. The press release and video went out the next day.

AGM video recording

We cover this annual meeting so that the client has a visual record of proceedings for legal purposes. Obviously not a creative project but a necessary one.

Fashion show video

We were pleased to work with the Fountain Centre on their annual charity fashion show in 2016 and 2015, following our initial successful involvement in 2014.

School Xmas show DVD

2017 will be our 8th year working with Papplewick School. The School Xmas show is one of three video projects we undertake every year.

Digital publishing demo

We produced a series of 5 software demo videos for DigitalPC, showcasing their online publishing services, app, and publications. The videos combine a professional presenter with screen captured demos of the products.

Charity PR video

This was a PR video production project with a 2-day turnaround. We visited Great Ormond Street hospital in January 2015 to cover the visit of DJ and charity patron Sara Cox, who was supporting this excellent cause.

Conference content

Procter needed a quick turnaround on this conference video content project: we shot a number of interviews which were then edited together for inclusion in a presentation the following week.

Theatrical promo

As a hobby writer, filming stage plays is always a treat. In this instance, a 1-act, 1-room play gave me the inspiration to write a similar piece, which premiered in the same space the year after I shot this promo to promote a touring play.

Online training course videos

This is a series of educational coaching videos filmed in a ‘studio’ setting and supplemented by graphics. Long scripts needed autocue, and the edit points planned in advance.

Entrepreneur Vidcasts

We are working on a regular basis on vidcast production with Kate Lester, shooting web content. These videos are married with bespoke graphics and uploaded to client’s YouTube, often the same day.

Pantomime DVD

As part of our ongoing work with the Guildford Fringe Theatre Company, we recorded their Christmas adult panto “Cinders”, which was also written by our MD Chris.

User group event content

Working through our partner consultancy, we attended an all-day program of seminars for software company Pyramid Analytics, recording the content. As always, the presentation slides are added to the videos afterwards to ensure readability.

Case law FAQ video

Following a landmark legal case, S&B asked us at short notice to film a Q&A session to demonstrate the company’s knowledge and shine a light on changes in Holiday Pay which are important for businesses.

Rugby Calendar teaser video

A behind-the-scenes shoot for a Rugby Club calendar in 2015. Shooting in a badly lit shower room is one thing. Warm water misting up the lens after 15 seconds is even trickier. Luckily the finished edit was designed to have a shot change every 1-2 seconds.

Awards event video

An annual lunchtime awards ceremony offered this charity a great opportunity to cover the event for an awards event video & get client testimonials

Charity promo videos

Through an existing relationship we starting working with Brigitte Trust on 3 separate videos targeted at different audiences, but scheduled in such a way as to minimise time and cost of the charity and participants. We were fortunate enough to have the service of patron Nicholas Owen and it was a pleasure working with such an amiable and professional man.

Business consultancy content

In a very productive half-day shoot we created 15 Q&A-style videos for this business consultancy. After the shoot we produced a bespoke animated ident to give all the video a consistent, upmarket, corporate feel, as befitting the business.

Choral concert promotion

In autumn 2014 we started work with Vivace Chorus, producing promotional videos for their choir performances, starting with this concert promo video.

Project Documentary

I’d always wanted to try the ‘Armageddon’ shot of the slow walk to camera and this project for Pimlico Plumbers in 2011 was a ideal opportunity. Something of a bigger cast than the original though for this documentary project which took place over 1 month in South London.

Gaming champs video

My first job for Rubik’s Brand was to edit footage of the 2015 World Championships in Brazil. The footage was shot by a 3rd party and then sent over at the end of each of the 3 days (over a weekend). This meant editing early morning and getting the video on YouTube ASAP to coincide with PR activities.

Personal branding promo

We worked with Kerrie and Liz to put together a simple business promo video to promote their services. This included script & autocue work, simple graphics, and embedding existing content.

Theatre show flashmob promo

Flashmob! It’s all in the planning, with 2 remote cameras, the client posing as a bystander to record on their phone, and me rushing around trying to get as many different and relevant angles as possible in 2 minutes. That’s me you can see crouched on the floor in the centre of the shot.

Campaign book launch event

We covered a book launch event for Circle Podiatry, who are spearheading a global awareness campaign. The output was a video of the evening which included lots of supportive vox-pops from attendees.

Financial services promo

An office, a park, and 10 town centre locations in 3 hours? No problem. And with a great concept, proof that corporate videos for financial services don’t have to be dull.

Competition teaser video

A chance to go all ‘Masterchef’ in 2013 when a venue wanted a short video to introduce a Christmas competition on Facebook. Two camera, one take, and a healthy dose of editing to shorten a 30 minute process into 2 minutes.

Theatre Show promo for investors

We covered a 1 man show performed by actor Matthew Jure. The intimate play was covered by 3 cameras, and the highlights of the show were compiled on a Theatre Show Promo DVD which was targeted at potential investors, directors and producers.

Yoga exercise DVD

This very collaborative project entailed working with the client at their home, shooting, editing and trialling options for graphics. Any relationship where the client is making you lunch has to be going well!

First Aid corporate video

After the shoot and edit we also did a hands-on YouTube channel setup at the client’s premises – getting them up and running very quickly and avoiding the pitfalls of a DIY approach to YouTube. Result – 2200 views in the first year.

Customer Service Awards event

Visiting 18 separate locations for 18 separate interviews on a single day? Easy, with good preparation and a very mobile setup. The pieces were cut together into Award Nominee films to be shown on the Awards Night (a bit like the Oscars!).

Internal training films

As part of our 3-year relationship with EF Language, we put together a series of 5 internal training films. These were filmed on the clients premises over two days, with scenarios being acted out and supplemented with voiceover and simple text graphics.

Behind The Scenes

It’s 8am. There had be numerous rehearsals with Philip’s assistant diving in – this was the mother of all “one-take” photos. Similarly for me this needed to be captured without problem – and the video was about the whole project, not just the actual moment.

HomeCare Agency recruitment

We put together this simple video which featured testimonials from existing employees, and was used in recruitment. In the first week alone the video gained over 7500 views on Facebook

F1 circuit launch event

The launch of a bid for an F1 circuit on Tenerife put ex-driver Mark Blundell in front of the camera. Later in the event I got to film my first interview with a President. We also did some housekeeping and optimisation work on the client’s YouTube channel.

Launch campaign video

This was an edit project, pulling together snippets of 20 different existing videos, and adding bespoke graphics to produce a launch campaign video.

Trade Show event content

Attending this trade fair, we put together a video of the event and also shot subject-specific interviews with some speakers and delegates for the client to use on Vimeo.

Pre-taped conference video

We compiled an executive summary to be broadcast at a client conference. This involved a talking head piece intercut with images and screen capture from 3 different devices.

Podiatry web video

The testimonials were paired with owner voiceover recorded onsite, venue shots, and mocked up shots of working practices, all using actual staff and patients. To this end all the elements were scheduled so as to be the most time efficient in terms of participants giving up their day.

Rugby networking event

“It never ceases to amaze me how you produce this work from seeming mundane and perfectly ordinary material. Once again you have captured the mood of another fantastically successful afternoon. Thank you!”

Business hub promo

We put together a simple Surrey promo video for this networking hub. We also helped with YouTube channel setup, scripting, and logo animation.

Christmas event tradition

This is a 1-man 2-camera shoot with a twist – as this is a PR-focussed event, the video needs to be turned round very quickly. As such, we edit onsite immediately to produce a brief 30-second clip that can be sent to the media. This is achieved within 1 hour of the end of the shoot.

Corporate training event

Filming all the elements of a corporate team building weekend included flying in a helicopter for a “treasure hunt” from the New Forest to the coast and Cowes. I got the front seat so the team could sit together – all I had to do was turn the camera backwards, reverse the viewing monitor and film over my shoulder i.e. I am actually facing in the opposite direction to this shot.

Education classes promo

We put together a promotional video for Kip McGrath in Sevenoaks, who provide after-school Education classes. This involved script consultancy and working with the client to steer the customer testimonials into the storyboard.

Restaurant app promo

One of the aims was to communicate the message through visuals alone, telling a story of the process without the need for voiceover. A day’s shoot, crew of two, two locations – and a great storyboard.

Book Launch event

Need event coverage from under £500? We attended the launch of bestselling marketing guru Dee Blick’s third book. The output was two versions of the video – highlights and full event.

Software conference content

Proof that with a one-man team, you can cover all of a conference’s content, shoot a retrospective of the event, and get interviews with key parties. Why hire a larger and more expensive crew?

Real ale festival promos

For the third year running in 2013 we attended the Guildford Beer Festival to put together a snapshot of the event. Very tempting to mix business with pleasure!

Cycle race promo

There was two choices when filming this cycle race in Guildford – stay behind the railings and fight to get a shot through the crowd, or stay on the course and try not to get skittled. Can you see which one I chose?

IC community launch event

Following an ongoing relationship with The Blue Ballroom through some of their other events, we were pleased to cover the launch event for a new venture “thefuturestory”, held at RADA in London. We were subsequently asked to cover 4 further events.

Pop-up restaurant promo

With over 5000 views on YouTube to date, this has been a great outcome. One of a few times when I’ve got to play wannabe Masterchef cameraman. I filmed a pop-up restaurant and had fun playing with camera angles and trying not to get in the way!