London Corporate Media specialise in corporate videos, promotional video work and live event videography. These core video production services are enhanced by our marketing-led approach, seeking to get the most exposure possible for your new video content.

Every video and every business is different, so we consider it important to meet with you to outline what you are looking for, both from a business and a creative perspective. This entails an understanding of your marketing strategy and which channels are best served to leverage your customer base.

Essentially, successful video for your business breaks down into 3 our areas of focus:

1- Video Strategy:

In an ideal scenario, your decision has been the result of a strategic marketing approach, sector research, the planning of your video content strategy, identification of audience, message and appropriate channels. However, this is sometimes not the case, and before we get down to the brass tacks of shooting and editing, we talk to you about all these things to understand where the video work is being positioned and what its aims are. Why? So we can help you generate the best result possible.

2- Video Production:

Our core business is video production – shooting and editing – but this is not in itself the magic bullet to more sales. Proper planning and marketing of the corporate video are very important in making video work for your business. When it comes to the shoot, we work as efficiently as possible whilst making the process as smooth and easy as we can for you.  Our video projects vary widely in their nature;

  • Corporate Videos – predominantly for online hosting
  • Corporate Event Videos – business events, publicity days, expos, trade fairs, seminars, workshops
  • Content Marketing – case studies, Q&As, informational videos, How-To’s, training videos, DVDs

3- Video Marketing:

Your desire in creating video content is to drive either awareness, sales, or loyalty, and the sooner this activity begins, the better. It is also logical that if you want to place your videos in front of your customers, it should exploit as many potential touch points as possible, appropriate and practical. This means looking at online – and also offline –  destinations for your video files. Ideally, the analysis of ‘Where are we going to host our video and/or what are we going to do with it?’ should be part of the planning process and not start when the video product is finished.