School & Stage Videos

Stage show filming is a small part of what we do, although it traces its roots back to our earliest work. We have been working with clients to produce videos of stage & school shows (drama, theatre, dance & musical) for 20 years. Over that period we have covered over 150 shows and produced in excess of 5000 DVDs.

What differentiates us from some other videographers and companies is our use of modern camera equipment, a focus on good sound reproduction, and slick editing. There is no need to settle for ‘home movie’ quality, single-camera filming, or lazy DVD production values.

We have always considered it important that shows are recorded on at least 2 cameras and produced into quality boxed DVDs with bespoke covers and menus. We also usually film with 4 independent microphones, strategically placed to make the most of ‘little’ voices.

We have filmed and edited a range of Stage Video projects – theatre and music projects – from shows with a dozen children to full stage productions in professional theatres. We have also covered GCSE exam projects and shot video segments which have been used as part of a stage performance.

Our job is essentially to make what we do transparent – it is the production that needs to shine. Camerawork can either seamlessly blend together what is being covered, or detract from the subject matter by being jarring, over-edited, badly framed or static and dull. Our videos of shows have reached thousands of audience members, and we’ve never lost a client – that should give you confidence in what we do.


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