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We started working with the fringe in 2013 after meeting at a networking event. As a writer, Chris has produced works for amateur theatre, and Nick was looking for a script to suit a planned panto production, so there was a confluence of opportunities.

Aside from the production and performance of 5 scripts between 2013 and 2018, Chris has been supporting the business with production of video content.

These pieces have been variously; filming of productions for cast mementos and useage of snippets in future marketing collateral, pre-show interviews with cast, turning MP3s from radio interview into videos by adding photos and text, producing a highlights snippet for inclusion in a BBC broadcast, creation of a pre-taped piece for inclusion within a theatre performance.

Alongside this, Chris sits on the board of the Theatre Company, providing input into marketing initiatives beyond simply video. He has also done simple design work on a sponsorship brochure.


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