Theatrical promo

We covered the Guildford Fringe performance of the new play The Speech by Tony Earnshaw, to put together a Theatrical promo for the show.

As always, the show was filmed on 2 cameras and with microphones close to the stage for good sound pickup. The full show was then edited, and from this 2 short promos of different lengths were created.

“Thanks for the promo video. Looks really good and am using it extensively!”


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Theatrical promo

As a hobby writer, filming stage plays is always a treat. In this instance, a 1-act, 1-room play gave me the inspiration to write a similar piece, which premiered in the same space the year after I shot this promo to promote a touring play.

Stage play promo

To promote this play with the aim of garnering a more high-profile theatrical run, we filmed the show using a 3-camera setup to create a Stage play promo video and DVD.