Stage play promo

To promote this play with the aim of garnering a more high-profile theatrical run, we filmed the show using a 3-camera setup to create a Stage play promo video and DVD.

“A Greek tragicomedy that gradually shifts from the latter to the former, Antigone in New York spills forth in anecdotes and monologues.

A former artist’s studio — bare wood floors, partially tiled walls, the occasional girder — it’s bohemian even without the jazz saxophonist (a local busker) and black-and-white photography exhibition on the theme of homelessness.

Glowacki’s play has lost none of its power (TIME Magazine named it in the top 10 of the year on first release) and Malgorzata Cohen’s deeply immersive staging does it full justice. This is a production where every element — writing, acting, directing, design — comes together to present a engrained look at a world where nightstick-wielding cops offer platitudes before going “straight to Phase 3” and we walk straight past the photos on the walls on our way out the door.”


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