Corporate Event Filming

Falling into three broad types, a well shot, well produced corporate event video has the potential to be hugely effective.

A Retrospective video uses testimonials from delegates, visitors, speakers and organisers to add brand credibility to your event. Videos of this type are popular as stand-alone pieces or for use as advanced marketing for future events.

Coverage videos record events live as they happen; speeches, presentations, awards ceremonies and special interest talks and seminars. These videos are used with traditional ‘in case you missed it’ campaigns or for client exclusive or subscription only distribution.

The third, and perhaps most effective type of corporate video will combine both elements of the Retrospective and Coverage formats, often giving a higher return than both.

Are you just looking for coverage of a morning seminar, or a whole day event? We can do that. Is your event PR related? You can get the finished video the same day, no sweat.

There is no doubting the effectiveness of an event video and we are always delighted to discuss the practicalities and possibilities. There are a few examples on our showreels, please feel free to browse.


Please see further videos on our Vimeo channel.

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