Here is our Corporate Video Production Portfolio of video editing, corporate video projects, case study videos & promotional videos. We also specialise in coverage of corporate events and helping clients get real traction from their YouTube content.

Are we what you’re looking for? We describe our work as “honest” – professional, collaborative and affordable. Not “flash over substance”, not “painting by numbers”, and avoiding “lowest common denominator” where at all possible.
We get excited about possibilities, creative ideas, and of course results for your business.

Our customers number over 230, and our total output of videos over 2500. These range from 1-minute “talking heads” to 1-hour presentation recordings.
Content marketing has grown in popularity and many of our clients are creating more than 1 video with us – sometimes up to 20 in a single day. That’s a great cost-effective way to get on the video ladder – videos for under £50 a piece, including a vital helping hand on YouTube SEO. What’s not to like?

Below is a selection of our key projects, which you can choose by project type. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch – just because it isn’t here, doesn’t mean we can’t create it. Every project, like every client, is different.

Medical test demo

We were asked by Excalibur Health to produce a medical test demo showing users and businesses how to conduct a COVID-19 test.

Zoom video editing

A Zoom video editing project to produce a promotional video from a live training course, adding graphics to the screen recording.

Marine software promo videos

We are working with this client on a series of sales-focussed demos of separate modules of their data visualisation and mapping software tools. We’re also helping them with promotional videos for their business, and event coverage.

Business advice video content

Five years after our last project with KSA, they contacted us again to produce a series of informative videos which help potential clients understand their services offering and provide guidance on niche topics.

Podcast edits

As part of our work with CIArb, we’re providing editing services for podcast edits on a series of thought-leadership videos.

Video subtitling

This edit-only project required the subtitling of some 6 hours of existing client content. We first produced a proof of concept excerpt for the client, to agree the look and feel of how the subtitles would work alongside the content, which consisted of both presentation slide pieces and live action.