We specialise in corporate videos, promotional video work and live event videography. These core video production services are enhanced by our marketing-led approach, seeking to get the most exposure possible for your new video content. This is where we are more than a ‘pure play’ production company, whose focus is largely on technical and creative aspects.

Corporate Video

Whatever the finished video looks like, we always focus on the key ingredients: your market, your message and your script. Our Corporate Video Production Services are about more than just what the viewer sees – we’ll go on the whole journey with you.

Corporate Events

We shoot a wide range of corporate event videos for small and medium sized businesses, including a number of retained clients. These are either promotional ‘highlights’ videos or a recording of the presentations for dissemination to attendees or use in content marketing.

Content Marketing

We have seen a huge move towards video content marketing, with our clients generating sometimes up to 25 videos in one shoot session. This obviously provides great value for money and huge SEO opportunities if the videos are implemented online effectively – which of course we can do.

Case Studies

Case study videos provide companies with an excellent route to demonstrate their capability, by shining a light on their success stories. When your best sales tool is your portfolio of work, and the value you deliver to clients through your service, this may be a great way to go.


We offer a video editing service to produce content from footage you have already gathered – creation of a new video or the re-edit / re-brand of an existing portfolio.

We also produce screen capture, graphics & animation pieces.

Product Videos

Product videos can be an excellent way to give your audience more information about their intended purchase, whether this be a service or a physical item. This also includes software demos & apps, and property / venue tours and showcases.

Internal Comms

Video can be used for internal-only communication, dissemination to a restricted audience, or created for use in a non-promotional role e.g. use in a presentation. We can help with all of your needs in this area.

Stage Videos

We have produced DVDs of stage & school shows (drama, theatre, dance & musical) for 14 years, over 100 shows and 4000+ DVDs. ALL filming is with at least 2 cameras to give you the best possible outcomes. All DVD artwork is bespoke to the production.

YouTube Consultancy

A real point of difference in our offering, we not only recognise the power of YouTube but work hard to make it work for our clients. After all, if nobody is going to watch your video, why make it?