Healthcare services corporate video

This local physio practice was looking to showcase their variety of services and locations through practical examples of the work being undertaken.
At the storyboarding session we discussed the importance of keeping the voiceover script tight as there is not time within an overall company video to describe all offerings in detail.
In these types of video we consider it important to guide the viewer through a logical journey so that they understand the parts of the business in relation to the whole. An ideal way to do this is with graphics, even better when there is a graphic that conveys the multi-part / separate divisions / service offerings in a harmonious way.
With the client, marketing consultant and graphic designer involved, the company logo was being revised and was designed to incorporate the 4-into-1 representation. This was instrumental in storyboarding the video in terms of how the graphic was manipulated to cue in the separate video segments, and also to form the transition to the mapping phase intro and the conclusion.
The shoot itself was an intensive 2-man day, visiting 4 different disparate locations, each with multiple setups in different rooms. All filming was done with moving camera, and using a DSLR to highlight areas of interest using the inherent ability for shallow depth of field. Not having to shoot location sound also helped to keep the pace up, as did the use of limited lighting to supplement natural and practical lights.
The final piece was a few location photos to add to the existing library to be used at the opening to the video, and the voiceover.

“We are delighted with the work that Chris undertook on our corporate video. His storyboarding ideas and insightful use of bespoke graphics to tie the images into our corporate structure helps to take the viewer on an educative journey. Great attention to detail, a quality end product, and at a cost that belies the company’s skill level.”


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