Dental How-To video guides

We produced a series of informational and instructional videos for a high-quality local dental practice for use on their YouTube channel.

These were all shot in a short session, using a DSLR with different lenses for the relevant shots.

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Similar Projects

Healthcare video content

The programme involves creating videos around various subjects and harnessing the power of niche keywords to generate excellent SEO – 30k views to date on YouTube.
We are liaising with both graphic designer and web designer to ensure harmony. We have created bespoke animated idents, and a new playlist-rich YouTube channel.

Insolvency services FAQs

We produced a series of financial explainer videos for an insolvency consultancy, highlighting their service offerings and benefits. Following a site recce, the videos were all shot in a 2 hour period in the client’s London office.

Credit rating explainer videos

The video marketing project has yielded 30 talking head videos, each narrowly focussed on specific questions. These are filmed on clients premises using a portable studio setup including autocue.