Video edit for trade show

A longstanding colleague passed us an urgent enquiry from their client, a PR firm whose own client needed some edit work to produce a video for a trade show. The enquiry came in on Thursday afternoon and the video needed to be with the client on Monday. I took the job, even though I had two shoots already booked on the Friday.
The job was to created a loopable video consisting of a slideshow approach to an existing brochure, paired with an existing explainer video shot elsewhere. However as the video was to be played on a stand at a trade show, using sound would be unacceptable, so the explainer video needed to be subtitled.
On Friday morning I had the draft assets in the project, pending the full resolution versions which were due. This allowed some basic editing to be done to speed things up later. I then went to my 2 shoots which were coincidentally both in Guildford and close to the PRs office. After wrapping at 2pm I took the laptop to the client’s office and setup in the boardroom.
We discussed how to use punchy subtitles rather than verbatim, the client having already transcribed the script from the video’s audio while I was out that morning. So I put on my scriptwriter head and subtitled the video. By now the high-resolution assets had arrived so it was a simple replace job to create the HD version from the draft.
We reviewed the results together, adding and subtracting commas, full stops and dashes so as to make the subtitles read logically and grammatically from one shot to the next. We had an approved edit. Now it’s 5.30 and time for the office to close for the week. So I took the edit home, outputted it and transcoded to WMV format for the client to be able to play. At 7.30 the video was approved by all.
Another client pleased with the responsive and pragmatic approach to getting the project delivered.

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