On-location video editing

We sat with a brewing industry client to work through an edit of a process explainer video that had been shot in Japan. The rushes had been provided to the client and we compressed some 70 minutes of footage into a 20 minute edit.

The bulk of the work took place in the client’s London office boardroom, where we copied the footage across to the edit laptop, plugged the laptop into a TV screen, and walked through the footage, editing as we went, based on client instructions. The graphic designer popped in to discuss what brand assets we would need and then passed these across. The draft edit was then taken back to the studio to be polished, allowing the client to get back to work knowing that they had seen a coherent story being formed.

The edit took place the same week that the enquiry came in, and after a final few tweaks was ready a week later.


As the video contains privileged information, we cannot share it here.

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