Workplace culture project videos

We worked with the UK Values Alliance on corporate culture change workshops which are documented through video.

The outputs are project documentary videos consisting of interviews and snippets of the workshops, showing how the organisation has aligned its values.

We have been involved with all 4 projects to date; filming and editing, including footage shot by the client as well.

“The videos are looking really good. Many thanks and well done. “

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Similar Projects

UK Rail project films

Every step of the way, we advised on storyboard, which bid elements needed to be further drawn out in the narrative, potential logistical filming issues, how to integrate graphics to help tell the story – a very value-added engagement.

ICT Client case study

We worked on a project case study video for NFON. These involve interviews with clients to convey the project challenges and how they were met. The first of these was at motorsport specialists Prodrive in Banbury.

Community Project Documentary

I’d always wanted to try the ‘Armageddon’ shot of the slow walk to camera and this project for Pimlico Plumbers in 2011 was a ideal opportunity. Something of a bigger cast than the original though for this documentary project which took place over 1 month in South London.