Project Documentary

We produced a project documentary video in Spring 2011 for Pimlico Plumbers. The subject is a community project that the company was involved in…

Take one important community resource in desperate need of repair. Add a group of unemployed youngsters and school-leavers. Give them the support of businesses and training organisations and they might just be able save their youth centre and set them on the path to a new career…

This month-long project was documented over a number of site visits, generating a raft of interviews and progress updates. The culmination was an interview with the Pimlico CEO and a Government MP.

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Graphics & print showcases

A new animated logo ident was required to harmonise all the videos, and some text graphic based on the same visual language were incorporated into the videos to make them more informative in terms of the client’s services.

Travelogue video

As part of our video editing services we worked on various edits of a film documenting an amazing South Pole trek. We also set up the client’s YouTube channel and have undertaken video edits on Press/PR/Speaking engagements.

Construction timelapses

A 6 month timelapse of a house extension build in 2015. I had to run mains power from 50 yards away and invest in a compatible intervalometer so it would take a photo every hour rather than every minute.