Graphics & print showcases

We have started working with this leading print supplier to showcase their work and installations through a series of case study video projects.

Our first project for this print business was a rebrand of existing content we had created for another client, who was subsequently absorbed into the organisation. The client recognised that there was a quick win available in terms of showcasing projects that had been undertaken.

We retrieved all the original material from our archives and produced tighter edits based on the client’s requirements and to new soundtracks which they had sourced so as to be more brand relevant.

A new animated logo ident was required to harmonise all the videos, and some text graphic based on the same visual language were incorporated into the videos to make them more informative in terms of the client’s services.

These videos were all uploaded to a new YouTube channel which we created for the client.

Please see further videos on our Vimeo channel.

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