Travelogue video

After meeting Patrick at an IoD event and hearing about his upcoming expedition, I offered my services in any capacity that could help…short of going to the South Pole myself!
We subsequently met to discuss how the project would be pulled together. Patrick would be taking a handycam on the trip; I offered my GoPro as an additional camera. In the event, the battery could not withstand -40C sufficiently and filming was done on the handycam and mobile phone.

I was passed existing photo and video assets which were used to build a pre-trip element to the video. As with all footage we use, it was upscaled and uncompressed to extract the best quality for editing.

I gave Patrick some tips on what elements would look good in the finished travelogue, and we also set up the YouTube channel in preparation. There wre also a couple of existing promotional videos which were tweaked and uploaded.

Upon return from the successful expedition, we met to handover the raw fooatge and photographs, which were copied onto my laptop. We discussed the storyboard and the different edits required for different uses.

Over the next couple of weeks we honed down edits of 60, 30, 10 and 3 minutes duration. The 10 minute edit has been used regularly as part of presentations to various groups, and always well received. Video, and the ability to commentate on and show the harsh environment, was instrumental in bringing this project alive.

“Chris this is very good well done ! In fact it is brilliant! This 30 minute film is as good as it gets, well done!”

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