Medical FAQ DVD

As filming would be taking place in a hospital there were concerns over acoustics so I visited Romford for a recce and to talk through the project with the consultant.
A DSLR was used to give the video an attractive look and to suppress the background. Shooting was done at 6pm when normal working had ceased, however we were interrupted for a few minutes when a machine in theatre started beeping and we had to track down someone who could locate and silence it!
The edit was designed to be a marriage of slides, images and surgical videos, intercut with the main talking head. It was broken down into sections by title cards. Most of the images and slides provided had to be updated into the correct font, or photoshopped to size.
Due to the complex and technical nature of the project, an interim edit meeting took place. I met the client and we worked through the video on the laptop, identifying assets not yet provided and repositioning others to cover edit points.
Further edits took us to the finished product, which was encoded into a file with specific parameters suitable for its hosting site.

As the video contains privileged information, we cannot share it here.


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