Gaming champs video

This job for Rubik’s Brand was to edit footage of the 2015 World Championships in Brazil. The footage was shot by a 3rd party and then sent over at the end of each of the 3 days (over a weekend). This meant editing early morning and getting the video on YouTube ASAP to coincide with PR activities.

“Looks great again Chris – thank you for all your hard work and speedy turn around on these videos.”

“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing quick turnaround and great end result with both the press releases and videos. It was a long hard slog on the ground and many late nights but I am so happy with the results. “

“Thank you Chris for the fantastic work you’ve done.”

Our initial YouTube consultancy engagement with Rubiks Brand was to streamline their existing YouTube channel and content prior to a PR-focussed event which would be driving a spike of content to the channel.

Key work was to delete irrelevant videos, keyword, and playlist. The keyword review on over 50 videos found that historic uploads had generated meaningless keywords and phrases, which were all replaced with improved SEO words. The visible lack of search results under key phrases highlighted that the poorly optimised existing content was badly damaging YouTube and Google SEO.

Playlisting of owned and external content helped to group the company’s activities, and creating above-the-fold playlists for the current event ensured viewers were directed there.


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