Conference venue tour

We produced a venue tour video for this conference centre, working with our associate in drone videography to really show off the location.

The client’s marketing consultant, with whom we had worked together previously, introduced us to work on this project which was a venue tour video. The concept was to highlight the key features of the venue rather than being a simple look at rooms in 360 degrees.
To sympathetically show off the rooms we used the DSLR in conjunction with a lot of movement in the shots, to avoid the video looking like a photo slideshow. Existing shots and graphics were integrated, with new mimic graphics created for continuity.
As the location lent itself to aerial work we used a drone specialist to take some spectacular shots to emphasise the upmarket nature of the venue.
In the edit, two versions of the film were created for different purposes.

“I am delighted to say that we are really happy with the video and really appreciate your flexibility and efforts you put in to making this video.”


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