Bespoke vehicle video tours

This project was a set of corporate & product videos for Equicruiser, showcasing 3 of their luxury horseboxes and also giving an overview of the company.

The success of these videos came from taking the client brief of 1 video and subdividing it into 4 – thus speaking more directly to the right audiences in each case. The result was that a customer looking for a specific product did not have to wade through irrelevant runtime but could see an appropriate showcase – exactly what 1 customer did just 2 weeks after the video went live. They travelled hundreds of miles to buy the product on the strength of seeing the video.

These videos are presented by a specialist from the world of horse racing and training, Andy Austin.

This was followed by 4 further vehicle tours and another corporate video.

“I have worked with Chris Towndrow from London Corporate Media on a number of occasions producing video for online sales promotion specifically for the web. As well as helping with the strategy development behind the videos, the service that Chris gave with shooting and editing was exactly right for our client who in turn was very pleased with the results. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”


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