Rugby networking event

In February 2014 we covered the inaugural City Lunch for Guildford Rugby Club. Feedback about the video was extremely positive. We have subsequently covered a number of similar events.

“Firstly, may I express my sincere thanks for all your efforts on Friday. I am pleased that we were able to offer you a modest feed in return but that will in not way repay my and the clubs debt of gratitude for a wonderful piece of film and numerous photos that you are in the process of sending over. You have captured the mood and happiness of the day perfectly. This will not only provide those that were there with a tangible record of their day but also provides something of an insight to those that were unable to attend on this occasion. To say that I am delighted with your work would be an understatement. Thank you!”

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Campaign book launch event

We covered a book launch event for Circle Podiatry, who are spearheading a global awareness campaign. The output was a video of the evening which included lots of supportive vox-pops from attendees.