Campaign book launch event

We covered a book launch event for Circle Podiatry, who are spearheading a global awareness campaign. The output was a video of the evening which included lots of supportive vox-pops from attendees.

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Book Launch event

Need event coverage from under £500? We attended the launch of bestselling marketing guru Dee Blick’s third book. The output was two versions of the video – highlights and full event.

IC community launch event

Following an ongoing relationship with The Blue Ballroom through some of their other events, we were pleased to cover the launch event for a new venture “thefuturestory”, held at RADA in London. We were subsequently asked to cover 4 further events.

F1 circuit launch event

The launch of a bid for an F1 circuit on Tenerife put ex-driver Mark Blundell in front of the camera. Later in the event I got to film my first interview with a President. We also did some housekeeping and optimisation work on the client’s YouTube channel.