Beauty industry show promo

Professional video production leads to happy clients, so after great success producing a promotional video in 2012 at this NEC event, we covered the show again in 2013.

These are long days, starting at 8am and involving a lot of walking around the arena. Our job is to capture moments, set up time-lapse shots and stay on top of the agenda.

A public event video can be used as both retrospectives for the event to share publicly, and also as advanced marketing for a following event. With the advent of social media, these videos showcasing public events can pick up great viewership, enhancing your brand and your search engine ranking. We have special rates for nonprofit organisations to help fund costs of these videos. Our testimonials bear our our success in capturing the mood of these events.

“Having worked with Chris for the first time recently I can thoroughly recommend his services. His level of professionalism was unparalleled, the way in which he interpreted the brief given for the project and then translated that into accurate footage was superb. I will certainly be using Chris again for any similar future projects. I was amazed at how well you understood the brief. The footage is really good and it is without a doubt the best promo video this industry has ever seen.”


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We had a good time shooting this event, working hard but with lots of creative freedom to make a conference visually interesting. There was a pair of GoPros and a pair of DSLRs, a camera slider, timelapses and a mini-jib. It’s great having the opportunity to play around with shots.

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Lots of creative freedom in this promo, using a combination of DSLR, time-lapse, motion time-lapse and interview. The hardest part was cutting out so much usable material to keep the video under 2 minutes!

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This is a 1-man 2-camera shoot with a twist – as this is a PR-focussed event, the video needs to be turned round very quickly. As such, we edit onsite immediately to produce a brief 30-second clip that can be sent to the media. This is achieved within 1 hour of the end of the shoot.