Marquee build insights

The company has a rich portfolio of photography of their work which is used online and in brochures, but were looking to bring their work to live using video. For a business that is engaged in a constant stream of varied projects, gathering video can be done quite quickly but the challenge is in controlling costs. It is also important that we do not produce a set of videos which are very visually similar.
By selecting key projects which illustrate the breadth of the offering, whilst working around logistical, environmental and customer constraints, we are putting together a library of material which can serve multiple purposes.
The methodology is to create video showcases of different marquee installations, using either time lapse to cover the build phase, internal and external shots to show off the finished article, or a combination of both. The time lapse shots need to be as revealing as possible, and the finished room shots need to both informative and beautiful (where feasible).
The raw material can then be recut into different groupings e.g. All wedding marquees, all small marquees, as needed and when a sufficient volume of footage has been obtained. This way e.g. a corporate video can be created for incremental cost, rather than actively going out and only shooting the material for one purpose, which can quickly date as the company grows or adds more showcase project examples to its library.
Ensuring that all the content is harmonious with the brand, we worked alongside the client on an animated logo ident and outro. We are also to take previously shot footage and edit it, use ad-hoc footage shot by other parties, or create specific edits for niche applications. Two great examples of this are the client’s website video banner which was created from the library and reformatted by us into a more suitable aspect, and a showreel for use in a meeting presentation.


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