Internal project retrospective

In mid November 2016 we were contacted about delivering a video for an internal presentation on 8th December.

Following an aborted meeting due to client illness, we had a conference call on 28th November to discuss storyboard and scheduling. The shoot was relatively simple in nature; a series of short interviews intercut with slides and environmental shots.
Hurried preparations were made, and I drove to Lincoln for the shoot which took place on 29th PM and 30th AM. The draft edit was put together that night and made available to the client.
On 1st Dec, following a breakfast shoot for another client in Uxbridge, I went to London to meet the client for an edit meeting which lasted until end of day.

The following day additional collateral was provided and this was edited in, with missing items identified by the end of day Friday, leading to an edit update on the Saturday. Much of this haste was driven by limited client availability the following week leading to the deadline. We also has to deal with a tightly controlled client IT network which made file transfer at risk from firewalls. The solution was to upload draft edits to our YouTube channel where they could be viewed privately.

Further edit amendments requested by the client were dealt with up until the deadline. The final video was then sent through using a workaround.

As the project uses sensitive information we are not able to share it here.


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