Health & Safety training video

This project involved the filming of overnight bridge resurfacing work in Ipswich to produce example content for a training course provider. The material was to be used as background video, played during a live ‘role-play’ H&S workshop.

What was needed was coverage of the whole process, which involves a number of different plant machines working a slick routine.

After a shoot planning meeting, we started onsite at 8pm and finished at 12.30am. Full HSE clothing was needed and a safety briefing, before the camera car was allowed onto the closed road. Using 3 cameras, including a GoPro mounted in the cab of the Paver, the shoot was an intense 2-hour spell which was essentially live directed by the client, pointing out shots as they happened, with the tripod cameras needing to be rushed up and down the roadway. This direction needed to be done by whispering and hand gestures, as all cameras were recording location sound, to make the film as immersive and realistic as possible when played back in a training room.

Many of the shots were a few minutes in length, as the finished length of the piece needed to be around 45 minutes and cover the full section resurfacing. This included shots of the crew and machines gathering at the assembly point.

Due to the bespoke nature of the solution, and the client’s evolving brief, all the footage was handed over to the client for them to produce the edit as required. What is presented here is a simple montage that illustrates what went on that night!


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