Fitness coach corporate video

We produced this pacy promo fitness video for this fitness trainer. This was shot in one evening over 4 separate locations. I was working a lot less hard than the client, but it was still an intense shoot.
It was based on an example provided by the client, shot in colour and then graded black and white, which in some way offset the low light conditions on some locations.
Filming started at 6pm and ran through until midnight shooting mostly in sequence, and entirely handheld for a documentary feel. This made the DSLR the weapon of choice due to its portability and the lack of need for sync sound.
A skeleton storyboard was followed but exact shots and framing was decided on the fly. Lighting was almost entirely natural.
The only hiccup during the shoot was the final shot in the changing room, where the humid atmosphere threatened to cause perpetual lens misting. Plus of course filming into a mirror without getting into the shot is always a challenge!


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