Construction industry promo

We were hired by Beard to put together a corporate video which illustrated not only their work but how they operate. The video was storyboarded to comprise an intro and outdo from the CEO, client and employee testimonials, and footage of their finished construction projects.
As their portfolio is broad the decision was taken to use case studies from opposite ends of the client spectrum to show the diversity of capability.
Shooting took place at the client’s premises, the Ashmolean museum in Oxford, and a care home in the area.
All the spoken contributions were set up in interview format, expect for the CEO who addressed the camera to give the opening a feeling of connection with the audience. As the other elements were about people’s experiences, the off-camera approach is more relevant.

“Beard is a top regional construction company with offices in Swindon, Oxford, Guildford and Bristol. We design, build, restore and refurbish buildings throughout the South of England. Our projects range in size from smaller schemes to complex construction projects worth up to £10 million. Beard is an independent long-established business that was formed by George Beard in Swindon in 1892. In December 1934, E W Beard Limited was incorporated. Beard opened an office in Oxford in 1964 and more recently, in 2009, we continued our expansion with an office in Guildford. The business has developed considerably in recent years. It remains independent and family owned, but run by a team of highly qualified professional Directors and Managers. The company operates from its freehold premises in the three locations, and has invested in up to date systems and processes to ensure that traditional skills are complimented by the modern back office. Today Beard continues to be at the cutting edge of building contracting. As recession struck in 2008 the company reported a record turnover of £56 million; turnover continues to grow.”

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