Award submission video

Abbatt PS contacted us requiring a video to support an industry award entry. The script was produced by an external agency; our job was to film and edit to a tight timescale.

Whilst the brief was simple – essentially an autocue talking head – availability issues pushed the shoot date to 48 hours before the submission deadline.

The shoot took place in the client’s reception area – the only viable location – and the edit took place immediately afterwards in a meeting room.
This allowed the client to select their preferred take, and advise on style of graphics, without any timewasting iterations sent electronically. In this way the video was signed off by all parties at 4pm, shooting having started at 11am.

Impressed by our professionalism, the performance coaching aspect during shooting, and the quick turnaround, further work was mooted by the client even before the end of the day.

As the video contains privileged information, we cannot share it here.


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