Legal recruitment video

S&B wanted to use testimonials from staff members as a draw to hiring new law graduates. Representatives from inside the organisation were chosen to speak about their experiences based on a series of questions which would be used to give structure to the video.
We met the client to recce the location and select the best rooms for shooting, and to discuss the project.
The shoot was undertaken in a day, including environmental and office shots to add visual interest, including time lapses. The project was shot on the Canon 5D to focus attention on the subject.
From the large amount of material that was shot, the client selected the best answers for the final cut, to which were added the branding etc.

“I have been meaning to drop you an email for some time, just to say a huge thank you for your work and effort in producing our graduate recruitment film. Everyone is delighted with it – so much so we may have a requirement for another one in due course! Thanks again for all your help with this, it was much appreciated.”

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