Animated explainer video

When asked to quote for an “animated video” we felt it vital to the success of the project to meet the client and discuss their exact requirements. As a start-up, with no experience of commissioning video, our client was, as expected, using the term broadly – to mean “not live action”. With a deadline looming, and budget a factor, it was important for us to both understand the breakthrough product that was being promoted, and to know the audience and what the benefits were to them of the product. Only that way could we, together, come up with a tight storyboard.

Our projects are seldom about selling to a client the breadth of what we can do, or the inclusion of visual elements because they are “in vogue” or make us look good. Neither is it “lowest common denominator”. It is what can be best achieved within time and budget, and what tells the story that needs to be told.

As the platform is pre-launch, we’re not able to share the video here.


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