YouTube marketing

Looking for help with YouTube Marketing for your business?

Getting more traffic to your videos on YouTube is not a black art, and we don’t pretend it is. We just want to raise your content above the level of everyone else who thinks the Upload button is the magic bullet.

If you’ve hired a videographer – a camera person who can shoot and edit – then you’ve probably already got one or more very nice videos. But are they being watched? In decent numbers? Because after all that’s why you paid the money – to get a video for people to watch so that they are encouraged to buy what you are selling.

If nobody’s watching, nobody’s buying, and unless you have money to burn then that seems to us like a poor outcome.

We can probably help.

If you don’t have any videos yet, and want to talk to someone who knows what they’re doing, you’re in luck. We can do the whole shebang, from script to shoot to YouTube.


We ask a SHED LOAD of questions. We think that the most beautifully produced video in the world only has value to the person paying for it if it gets watched. Not a week goes by that we don’t stumble across business videos lost in the backwaters of YouTube, unloved, unseen. Why does this happen? Complacency. Misplaced effort. Using the wrong expert.

What’s even worse is that most companies don’t know that they aren’t getting results – they simply aren’t measuring them!

We’ve helped tons of clients with hundreds of projects, made thousands of videos, and got over 4 million views – yes, you read that right – for them. That’s why our strapline is “Lights. Camera. Action. Results.”

We think that caring about the WHOLE of your video project makes a difference.