Corporate video

Your company needs a new corporate video…so what?

What do you do that is so important that you wish to commit it to video and distribute it to people that might be asking exactly the same question of your product, service, idea or business?

That’s where London Corporate Media come in. We don’t just film, edit and return a video, we consider your message, we think about your audience and the best, most effective way of reaching them. Our work starts long before we press Record and does not end at Stop – we truly excel at helping you to communicate your “So What?”


“Are you any good?”

We’ve helped tons of clients with hundreds of projects, made thousands of videos, and got over 1.3 million views – yes, you read that right – for them. That’s why our strapline is “Lights. Camera. Action. Results.”

You can look at the showreel but there’s more to the project than the camera. You can look at the price, but what’s important is value.

Clients like the way we work, too. We make it easy. How do we know? They tell us. And then they come back. And then they come back again. And they recommend us.


“This is a new thing for us”

Need help with the script? Can do. Would autocue ease your nerves? We have that. Need the video in a hurry? How does same day sound? What about getting the video online and all that jazz? We specialise in that.


“But that’s got to cost money?”

Video production is an activity that costs money. What you probably want is video marketing, which is designed to make money. We’d be a pretty uncaring company if we didn’t do our very best to help you do the right thing to communicate with your potential customers. We love finding ways to stretch your budget, to think of better ways to do things.

If you’re looking for the cheapest possible deal – some budget video guy to turn up and do a bit of filming, we’re probably not for you.

Equally if you’re looking for a big production company to throw excess expensive resources at a simple interview, we’d rather not take your money.

Our clients love what we do and how we do it – honest, professional, affordable. Why not take the risk that we can help you too?