Are you exploiting YouTube?

YouTube - Stuck in the middle?

The middle ground is often seen as a safe haven, and for the unadventurous. In business we need to be looking for an edge, a differentiator, to be at the top of the pile in our chosen market. On YouTube it seems that the opposite is true. The bell curve doesn't apply here: most videos get relatively few YouTube Views, and the ones we remember are the ones that go 'viral' and get millions of views. Two unconnected things are at work. First, at the low end, there are lots of missed opportunities (amongst the business community - do you care how many views the video of your cat falling over gets?). Lack of knowledge about keywording, lack of research and effort tend to hold down the view count. Yes, un-engaging content might cause people to switch off, but part of the problem is that people aren't switching on in the first place. At the 'phenomenon' end, things are the result of happy accidents. There is no formula for creating a viral video. If there was, I would use it to help my clients business to go stratospheric. So because there is no sure fire approach, it's best left to the social digital world to discover the gems. After all, what most businesses want is not to connect to millions of people, most of whom are not in the buying cycle, but to reach and engage with exactly their target market. That is what should be happening ‘in the middle’. And with the right tools, it could happen to you.