YouTube training

YouTube training - What a difference a little knowledge makes!

You know that time when you suddenly worked out that thing you were trying to do, or when someone said ‘didn’t you know this shortcut?’, or when you finally decided to go on that training course and came home empowered? Realising that most people don’t know how to do digital marketing as effectively as they could should be empowering for a business owner. It means that there are opportunities to get ahead of the game. YouTube is a prime example of an under-utilised tool, not because of lack of awareness of its presence or its offering, but of its true capability if harnessed through simple techniques. Here is the thing: in a world chock full of social media courses educating businesses on the whys and wherefores (and rightly so), one platform seems to be missing out. YouTube seems to suffer from a ‘hit and hope’ attitude that doesn’t compare with either the approach taken on other platforms, or the scope it has for making a real difference to online visibility. If we treated Twitter like YouTube, we’d have a lot more businesses as ‘eggs’, with a handful of followers, generating few retweets and not directing people to websites or other content. Fixing these types of things on most social platforms is seen as necessary and easy – and the good news it is on YouTube too, with some YouTube training. At the moment there are a lot of really nice trees in the forest. They just need some water and lots of signposting.