YouTube traffic success

YouTube Results

This week I allowed myself a little fist pump when I saw how well a client's YouTube channel was performing. This was of course no accident; it was the result of many hours of planning and implementation. I think it's not exaggerating to say that, even though we've created over 100 videos, the total time for the shooting and editing is not much more than the time spent on the often-overlooked content planning and keywording phases. The ethos of the project is to turn some 200 written 'blog' articles into 200 videos. This would be more engaging for site visitors and, given how video-friendly Google is, really help the site to rank well and draw traffic. The result of course is predicated on doing the legwork to get those videos to be found. The first step was the approach to the video titles - many are set in the form of questions, which is how a user search often works. This is certainly true within the healthcare arena, as the 4300 views in 7 months for "What is occipital neuralgia?" are testament to. It's not just the title of course which has to be designed intelligently with the user and SEO in mind. All the videos have the description fully filled out, which include relevant keywords. The keyword field is packed to bursting. Every video is hierarchically playlisted. The videos are embedded on the equivalent topic-specific pages on the client website. Has it worked, putting in the effort that many clients - and their video providers - don't do or don't know how to do? Personally I think that 260k views in 2 years is is a vote of confidence. Even more so is that, whilst the videos are embedded on the client's website, the majority of the traffic is happening natively on YouTube and coming from search. Compared to something like Adwords, where a user click into a company advert can cost pounds, these videos are getting views that cost pennies each (total project cost divided by total views) - and a cost that will only fall as traffic increases. Many of these FAQ videos are about 3 minutes long and delivered in the first take. How long would it take to write the same blog article? Not 3 minutes. Video content marketing saves time and money compared with many of the alternatives, and can get great results when implemented properly in partnership with the right supplier.