YouTube Playlists

Learn about YouTube Playlists

Don’t just rely on the Uploaded Videos playlist that YouTube automatically creates. Within the Video Manager menu option you can create bespoke Playlists. Create a Playlist to group your videos into topics, and add a keyword-rich title and description to each Playlist. Niche your topics into the different subject areas within your business and really use a meta-tag approach to getting lots of good keywords into the descriptions. Create as many Playlists as you want to sub-divide your video portfolio. When you have created YouTube Playlists, look for videos by other users in the same subject area and add them to your Playlist. Choose those that dovetail well, are of a decent standard, have a high view count, and are not produced by your direct competitors. What this does is that it gives YouTube an opportunity to suggest to viewers of those other videos that they may also like to watch your content – which is exactly what you want.