YouTube Keywords

Use YouTube Keywords to improve SEO

Keywording is an area that is often poorly leveraged on YouTube, a fact that is startling given the lengths that some businesses go to in order to try and hold on to that elusive page 1 ranking on Google. Google owns YouTube! Why would a business overlook easy opportunities to improve searchability? Google loves video. Wonder why?! But that doesn't mean that putting a video on YouTube is a guarantee of getting onto the first page of Google. In fact I can show you a great example of a well-ranked video on YouTube that doesn't appear on page 1 because of poor keywording, and conversely a video that ranks well on both because things have been done better. Not perfectly, but better. SEO and PPC are designed, if done properly, to generate great returns in terms of improving your website's organic ranking and driving traffic. Without these, you'll need at the very least to have a good handle on your webpage meta-tags and ideally you'll be using Google Analytics to see how your customers are finding you. With the addition of the Keyword Tool you'll be able to work harder on your tags, content, and adverts. The point is that whether you are doing this yourself, or paying someone to manage this 'black art', you have the data at your fingertips to be able to get bonus free success on your YouTube videos using YouTube Keywords. The hard work is already done. If you aren't squeezing the pips, by definition something is being wasted. I'm not here to bash SEO and Adwords consultants. But the effort in these areas is in constantly keeping your brand in front of a consumer with huge choice and little time. The fact that Google's algorithms keep evolving is another hurdle to manage. Google doesn't appear to de-rank video, so a well-tagged video is likely to perform well for longer than a webpage and with less continuous effort. I Googled 'how to bake a cake'. On the front page there at least 3 videos all of which are over 3 years old. Yes, a blog can get you quickly onto the rankings, but will it stay there for 3 years? Would you rather pay for 3 years worth of monthly website optimisation, or take a couple of hours to get a video to do some of the work for you? Don't fight a big army at its strongest point. Explore the flanks.