Get your YouTube video file name RIGHT!

Get your YouTube file name RIGHT!

Outside of the actual content of the video itself - what the moving images do to convey your business - there are very few things that you can't alter after you've uploaded your video file to YouTube. One of the key things that needs to be Right First Time - or at least thought through - is the file name. This is because the name of the file is regarded as important by Google (YouTube) in terms of keywording and tagging. For example if you are a builder in Kent called Joe Bloggs, then or new video1.avi is a web dead-end compared to Quality Builder In Kent - Joe Bloggs It follows the simple principle that if you want customers to find you online, you use the words that describe what you do - after all, most of them don't know who they are looking for, only what. When I revealed this fact to a room of entrepreneurs, the air was filled with the sound of pennies dropping. When I implemented this tip for a client, YouTube resounded with the view count rising. The logic is akin to SEO, but the difference is that it is the work of just a few minutes, and something every business should be doing if they are serious about getting a return on their video marketing investment.