Using YouTube Analytics

Know Your Stats using YouTube Analytics

A little-explored feature of YouTube for most 'post and host' users is the YouTube Analytics function. Because Google owns YouTube, there are similarities between the type and depth of analysis you can get on your video portfolio as you can on your organic and PPC website searches and clicks. At the basic level you can look at your View count and see how it is performing over time. Remember that to stand a good chance of your Views taking off (as well as the obvious need for good content and optimisation) the video needs to get around 100 views in the first few days, and then things can start to snowball. YouTube Analytics shows you, amongst other stats, the source of traffic, audience demographic, and audience retention - something I covered in another blog. All this stuff is REALLY important if you want to know why your video marketing is or isn't working, where you might be getting 'false positives', and where more effort is needed. If the product or service you are selling has a particular niche, and that demographic isn't watching, then that might explain why a high View count isn't translating into sales leads. A colleague of mine is a music video producer and we realised a long time ago that most people who are watching the portfolio of work are doing so for entertainment only - they are not potential buyers of music video production for themselves. The above example also illustrates the power of referrals from other videos on YouTube, and the value of putting effort into Playlists. Good keywording on this video has ensured a steady stream of views around the target audience and also that Google is generating cross-pollination from other videos on the same subject. This is obviously a tick in the box, but we all know that failures are sometimes as instructive as successes. One of the issues with Analytics is that it only starts to be useful when a video has amounted enough traffic to be worth counting. A company I looked at this week on YouTube is going to struggle to learn anything if their monthly video missive keeps getting only about 10 views a month. Nobody needs a statistical analysis to point out that there are more fundamental issues at work there. Issues that can often be resolved by chatting with us.