Roll camera…

You might be a company wishing to showcase a product or film an event, possibly you want to communicate with your colleagues, customers and clients.

You may be agency with an idea to shout about, or perhaps it’s marketing content that you are after?

So, you’re looking for a videographer. Someone with a good eye for a shot. Creativity. Professional conduct when on location. Perhaps a selection of equipment, so you can get the right result – rather than using the same tool all the time, or just doing what is ‘trendy’ rather than right. An editor too – so they can see the whole project from the outset.

If you want just a videographer, we can help. Our team have 50 years of combined camera experience. But is that all you want?


More than that

Whatever brings you to us, we would like to ask you one simple question… Where is the value in a corporate video?

You will know that Google loves video and that people are engaged by it, other businesses do it – so why shouldn’t you…well, here’s the point. Corporate video only works if you know what to do before and after the filming bit.

Here at London Corporate Media we see the production as just the means – the end is the result.

Of course we are very good videographers and dare we say it, pretty decent editors but what we really excel at is helping with the marketing bit.


‘The same…but different’

We offer all the skills of a traditional video company but with that little bit extra; we know how to use video. Properly.

So whatever you want from your video – production and editing, help and advice with content and of course, great viewing figures, London Corporate Media know where the value is.

Get in touch to see how we can work together to bring your project to life.