Video that doesn’t rank in Google

Ranking Video in Google

A recently acquired new client has proven to be an excellent illustration that it is not simply the production of content that delivers results, it is the keyword optimisation that counts. I’m not going to name and shame, especially as they are on the road to recovery now that they have me on board! However, this is a global brand selling an iconic product. They have over 60 videos on their YouTube channel. Their key product represents a unique keyword phrase. They have a huge fanbase. They have a marketing team. I typed their keyword phrase into Google and then into YouTube. None of their videos appeared on Page 1 of the search results in either case. Please remember that this is the BRAND OWNER. It doesn’t matter what size your business is. If you can’t rank your own video content on Page 1 for your own brand, there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG. When I was given the login details for their YouTube account and took about 2 minutes to dig around, the reasons for the failure became obvious. It was more or less a classic example of “Hit Upload” Syndrome. Keywords were either totally absent or wildly hilarious – often the result of quick copy-and-pasting.

What to Do

Related to your video you have a limited size to the keyword field. Some of these videos I saw had “how” and “to” as single keywords. As a business, yes you can spend money on SEO tactics and Adwords but if the basic implementation of insourced or outsourced content creation is hobbled by schoolboy errors then you are running harder than you need to keep up. Essentially you are explicitly spending more than you need to on a regular basis because the content you already have is not reaping rewards for you. Video marketing, like any content marketing strategy, has 5 basic elements;
  • Plan
  • Create
  • Implement
  • Measure
  • Improve
Finding companies that have only done the first 2 steps is great for my business, but not so good for their own.