Video Production Costs

Video Production Costs - Low cost, Low value?

It was disappointing to come across another DIY video this week that seemed to jar with the brand positioning. If I was running a 25 year established B2B business, I wouldn’t consider camcorder footage of the office combined with rock music and misjudged graphics to be an ideal corporate video. The thing about homemade corporate videos is that whilst they do not explicitly cost money, implicitly they do. Any savvy business owner monetizes the time of every one of their employees, including themselves. Spending an afternoon making your own corporate video is NOT free. Isn’t it possible that a business owner is better placed to be working on growing their business through their OWN area of expertise, rather than trying to do everything? This corporate video has received 56 views on YouTube in 6 weeks. As usual, this is partly down to poor optimization due to lack of knowledge. The business owner could have hired a professional and achieved much better results, in quality, engagement, and viewership, for a similar cost. How do I know this? Guesstimating the actual cost to that business in making their video, I would point them at, for example, the two similarly priced videos I’ve produced recently that have received 961 views in 8 weeks, or 219 views in 5 weeks. Trying to be economical can sometimes be a false economy. At its best, it can hamper successful outcomes. At worst, it can project a negative brand image and harm customer perceptions. Usually it's because of lack of knowledge about Video Production Costs. The decision about whether to outsource your corporate video production should be an informed one, weighing both cost AND value.