Video product demos

Video How-To's generate customer goodwill

Today's blog is on a topic that has resonated with me a few times, and came up in a blog by Digital Accomplice this week, so I thought I'd share it. How often have you turned to the internet to solve a problem? More times than you can count. More than just answers to questions, the 'How Do I...' issue is one that is often brilliantly solved by an explanatory or demonstrational video. Just two of the videos I watched last year to get me out of a fix were 'How to change a battery in a Flip camera?' (cue a teenage American girl to provide the answer through video), and 'How to remove the harness from a child seat?'. The latter was a great demonstration of a brand extending the value they provide to the customer through well produced informative videos. These are not simple and glossy sales-focussed product showcases, they are instructional answers to customer care problems. As a result of watching the video, my question was answered, my faith in good customer service maintained, and my loyalty toward the company strengthened. While every company is different, I think it’s pretty clear how video might be used to walk your customers though common procedures, problems, frequent questions and similar issues that can tie up your support staff for hours a day. It would be pretty easy to do some basic maths and calculate how many hours a week it takes to support customers and what issues come up, and from there it could start to become clear how a one-time cost of video production could remove some of that support need. It’s worth noting that many videos could be made in one day, you could end up with a dozen basic video product demos, 2 dozen, or maybe even much more depending on how much needs to be covered. This stuff isn't rocket science. It's putting yourself in the mind of your customer, and giving them the answer to the question before they've even asked it. The bonus, of course, to this great customer service, is a large video portfolio that can't help but do wonders for your SEO. Which is nice.