Full steam ahead with video

What can Thomas the Tank Engine teach us about business videos?

One big thing and one little thing occurred to me when I "met him" this week. Thomas has to wake up early in the morning and go through a time consuming and painstaking ritual before he can even move. Everything has to be just right before he can start to generate revenue. His preparation and his route are well planned. He doesn't just 'switch on and go'. That would spell disaster. Video marketing strategy, like social media engagement, needs planning. That does not preclude great ideas, leveraging current events or commenting on hot topics, but it needs to fit into a strategy. Your corporate video is not a spur-of-the-moment idea. It is based on researching your market, analysing competitors, establishing keywords, defining brand and message, planning appropriate production values, knowing your audience and where they are, crafting the ‘story’ and preparing your digital channels. On little marketing trick caught my eye too. At the end of the day as we left the railway we were given a free Thomas book. We'd had this before on a previous trip. I remembered that the culmination of the story is a teaser that a 'new engine' is joining Thomas. I’d take a wild guess that a new book is in the offing, and another merchandising opportunity. The freebie is the sprat to catch the mackerel. How are you teasing your audience into expectation of a new offering? What are you giving away to generate a new revenue opportunity? A series of How-To video guides is a great way to be seen as a thought leader, and it generates a critical mass of content that the search engines will love. So it rewards you in two ways, and it is incredibly cost-effective. Start stoking your fires, and get ready to steam by planning Video Marketing.