Video marketing gets ROE

Video marketing campaigns

Would you commission a TV advert and run it once on one day and then never again? Would you send out a single email newsletter and then stop? Would you open a Twitter account, tweet once, and then stop? Marketing is not a cost, it is an investment. Yes, it needs an ROI, but ROE (Return on Engagement) is far more relevant in a social media world. Marketing is all about campaigns, and generating an awareness. Video is no different. As video becomes more widely seen as a communication tool that integrates with social media, then it must be treated in the same way as social media i.e. through generating customer engagement through momentum of video marketing campaigns. YouTube underlines and illustrates this – it is more than a video sharing site, it is a social media platform. If you use LinkedIn and Twitter for your business – to communicate and ultimately generate sales, why would you not use YouTube in the same way? YouTube rewards those with relevant, growing and well-optimised video campaigns – it pushes a business up the Google rankings. Your customers will reward you too, by buying from businesses they know, like and trust – those that have demonstrated a credibility and communicated in a way that consumers like to consume information. Businesses using video as an ongoing part of their marketing aren’t savvy or forward-thinking – they are just being practical, pragmatic and relevant to the digital age.