Engage your video audience quickly

Video Engagement

With time-poverty an increasing part of our busier lives, video content producers need to focus on retaining audience attention - giving customers a reason to start watching - and keep watching - their corporate and promotional videos. One element of this is that the video needs to open well and hook the audience in - to engage your video audience quickly. Long graphic sequences and rambling introductions risk a viewer thinking "Where's the information I am looking for?" Last year I saw a great example of how not to do it. It was a simple video showing what users could expect if they visited a particular networking group. Sadly the first minute or so if the video was a variety of external shots of the venue. How is that helping the viewer? I always try to push back against client requests for long lead-ins. I have a great project in the edit suite at the moment where the client is delivering to camera confidently and with a great script that gets your attention in the first sentence. We're also looking forward to something a bit different next week where the viewer is virtually going to get a whipcrack in the first shot. As well as promotional videos needing to flow well, take on a logical journey, and finish with an upbeat ending that invites the viewer to find out more, they need to show their hand early on. Remember that it's not just your viewer who is watching - if you're on YouTube then the ranking algorithm is paying attention too. Good audience retention scores you more points, and in a world of mushrooming volumes of content, good content that rewards the viewers click will win out.