Video Content Release Strategies

Creating a successful Video campaign

Video as a leading delivery mechanism for great content is almost undeniable, but with the opportunity for audience engagement comes risk. Not a bad ‘Gerald Ratner’ risk, but specifically a ‘defeat from the jaws of victory’ risk. Creating a program of informative videos stands its best chance of success when approached with a planned release strategy (assuming you define success as high viewership). Shooting short videos in bulk is an efficient way to work in terms of your own time, and can make using a professional very cost-effective. As a guideline, I recently shot 20 ‘tips’ videos in 2 hours, and including editing this could work out at just £25 per video! The key to maximising the chance for marketing success is not to flood the market with your great content, but to release periodically. If you upload 20 videos to YouTube in quick succession, then assuming you have enabled YouTube’s ‘auto-Tweet’ function, your audience will be bombarded with notifications. Nobody is going to set aside their work to watch all of your videos in one go (no matter how good you are!). Even if you haven’t connected YouTube to Twitter (ask me how, if you don’t know!) then one of the keys to getting a good viewership on YouTube is to hit the ground running. The first few days are really important – if the View count rises quickly, it is more likely to continue to rise than if only a few people watch within the first week – it’s part of the way YouTube works. So, focus on each new video as soon as it is uploaded and give it the social media signposts it needs to get in front of its audience. Tie the subject matter into your blog for the week or your newsletter (or use the content as a focus point when deciding what to write about). People like predictability – which is why newsletters and blogs are best posted on the same day each week. The same goes for video content – drip feeding will give you consistency, and this builds on the content itself which is designed to give you credibility. Make your audience anticipate your next pearls of wisdom. Don’t exhaust all your great ammunition in one burst. Engagement happens over time.